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MEGAPLAYS ARE 124-31 L 155


MEGAPLAYS ARE 150-35 L 185


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Mon Sep 20th MegaPlay Report

Braves-1.5 WON!


Sun Sep 19th MegaPlay Report

Over 49 49ers lost

Sat Sep 18th MegaPlay Report

Mich St+7 WON!

Fri Sep 17th MegaPlay Report

Mets-110 lost

Thurs Sep 16th MegaPlay Report

Over 10 NYY lost

Wed Sep 15th MegaPlay Report

Dods-1.5 WON!

Tue Sep 14th MegaPlay Report

Reds-150 lost

Mon Sep 13th MegaPlay Report

Under 51 Ravens lost

2 WEEKS AGO: 2-5

Sun Sep 12th MegaPlay Report

Over 53.5 Titans lost

Sat Sep 11th MegaPlay Report

Over 73 Smu lost

Fri Sep 10th MegaPlay Report

Coastal Car-26 WON!

Thurs Sep 9th MegaPlay Report

Under 52 Bucs lost

Wed Sep 8th MegaPlay Report

Over 9 Orioles WON!

Tue Sep 7th MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Inds lost

Mon Sep 6th MegaPlay Report

BOver 10 O's lost

3 WEEKS AGO: 4-3

Sun Sep 5th MegaPlay Report

Rays-1.5 lost

Sat Sep 4th MegaPlay Report

Baylor-13.5 lost

Fri Sep 3rd MegaPlay Report

Wake Forest-31.5 WON!

Thurs Sep 2nd MegaPlay Report

Over 12.5 Braves lost

Wed Sep 1st MegaPlay Report

Whitesox-1.5 WON!

Tue Aug 31st MegaPlay Report

Rays-130 WON!

Mon Aug 30th MegaPlay Report

Brewers-130 WON!

4 WEEKS AGO: 6-1

Sun Aug 29th MegaPlay Report

Wsox-1.5 runs WON!

Sat Aug 28th MegaPlay Report

Wsox-1.5 runs lost

Fri Aug 27th MegaPlay Report

Yankees-145 WON!

Thurs Aug 26th MegaPlay Report

Dodgers-135 WON!

Wed Aug 25th MegaPlay Report

Dodgers-140 WON!

Tue Aug 24th MegaPlay Report

Astros-1.5 runs WON!

Mon Aug 23rd MegaPlay Report

NYY+110 WON!

5 WKS AGO: 5-1.5

Sun Aug 22nd MegaPlay Report

Redsox-1.5 runs canceled

Sat Aug 21st MegaPlay Report

NYY-1.5 WON!

Fri Aug 20th MegaPlay Report

Braves-1.5 WON!

Thurs Aug 19th MegaPlay Report

Reds-1.5 WON!

Wed Aug 18th MegaPlay Report

Rays-1.5 WON!

Tue Aug 17th MegaPlay Report

Reds-150 lost

Mon Aug 16th MegaPlay Report

Rockies+110 WON!

6 WKS AGO: 6-1

Sun Aug 15th MegaPlay Report

Astros-180 lost

Sat Aug 14th MegaPlay Report

Redsox-1.5 runs WON!

Fri Aug 13th MegaPlay Report

Dodgers-145 WON!

Thurs Aug 12th MegaPlay Report

SF Giants-1.5 runs WON!

Wed Aug 11th MegaPlay Report

Brewers-1.5 runs WON!

Tue Aug 10th MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Rays WON!

Mon Aug 9th MegaPlay Report

Padres WON!

7 WKS AGO: 5-1

Sun Aug 8th MegaPlay Report

Bluejays WON!

Sat Aug 7th MegaPlay Report

A's-1.5 WON!

Thurs Aug 5th MegaPlay Report

Astros-1.5 lost

Wed Aug 4th MegaPlay Report

Angels-145 WON!

Tue Aug 3rd MegaPlay Report

Over 10.5 Orioles WON!

Mon Aug 2nd MegaPlay Report

Under 10 Orioles WON!

8 WKS AGO: 5-1

Sun Aug 1st MegaPlay Report

Over 9 Dodgers WON!

Sat July 31st MegaPlay Report

Under 10 A's WON!

Fri July 30th MegaPlay Report

Over 9 Phillies lost

Wed July 28th MegaPlay Report

Yankees+120 WON!

Tue July 27th MegaPlay Report

Under 9.5 Royals WON!

Mon July 26th MegaPlay Report

Redsox-130 WON!

9 WKS AGO: 2-4

Sun July 25th MegaPlay Report

Brewers-130 lost

Sat July 24th MegaPlay Report

Giants-1.5 lost

Fri July 23rd MegaPlay Report

Twins+120 WON!

Thurs July 22nd MegaPlay Report


Wed July 21st MegaPlay Report

Astros-1.5 lost

Tue July 20th MegaPlay Report

Over 10.5 Mets lost

Mon July 19th MegaPlay Report

Over 10.5 Mets WON

10 WKS AGO: 1-2

Sun July 18th MegaPlay Report

Over 10 Twins lost

Sat July 17th MegaPlay Report

Over 11.5 Dodgers lost

Fri July 16th MegaPlay Report

Bluejays-1.5 WON!

Mon July 12th thru July 15th MegaPlay Report


11 WKS AGO: 5-2

Sun July 11th MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Phillies lost

Sat July 10th MegaPlay Report

Over 11 Redsox WON!

Fri July 9th MegaPlay Report

Over 10 Whitesox WON!

Thurs July 8th MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Tigers lost

Wed July 7th MegaPlay Report

Over 11 Bluejays WON!

Tue July 6th MegaPlay Report

Over 11 Orioles WON!

Mon July 5th MegaPlay Report

Over 10.5 Cubs WON!

12 WKS AGO: 7-0

Sun July 4th MegaPlay Report

Over 9 Padres WON!

Sat July 3rd MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Giants-WON!

Fri July 2nd MegaPlay Report

Angels-170 WON!

Thurs July 1st MegaPlay Report

Braves+160 WON!

Wed June 30th MegaPlay Report

Marlins+210 WON!

Tue June 29th MegaPlay Report

Under 7.5 Dodgers WON!

Mon Nov 28th MegaPlay Report

Over 9.5 Reds WON!

 13 WKS AGO: 7-0!

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V.U.P. Reports

Now 50-16 last 66!

MON 9/20 V.U.P

O8 O's lost

SUN 9/19 V.U.P

Pats-6 WON!

SAT 9/18 V.U.P


FRI 9/17 V.U.P

O 9.5 O's lost

THURS 9/16 V.U.P

Phillies-155 WON!

WED 9/15 V.U.P

U8 STL lost

TUE 9/14 V.U.P

Hou-1.5 lost

MON 9/13 V.U.P

Bos-120 WON!

SUN 9/12 V.U.P

O 10.5 O's WON!

SAT 9/11 V.U.P

O9 Bos WON!

FRI 9/10 V.U.P

Rays-145 lost


ATL-1.5 lost

WED 9/8 V.U.P

Pads-1.5 WON!

TUE 9/7 V.U.P

A's-130 lost

MON 9/6 V.U.P

Royals-110 WON!

SUN 9/5 V.U.P

Atl-1.5 WON!

SAT 9/4 V.U.P

Rays-1.5 WON!

FRI 9/3 V.U.P

Over 9 Pads push


O 8.5 Inds lost

WED 9/1 V.U.P

A's-1.5 lost

TUE 8/31 V.U.P

Wsox-1.5 runs WON!

MON 8/30 V.U.P

Tor-1.5 runs WON!

SUN 8/29 V.U.P

Ov 10 Rays WON!

SAT 8/28 V.U.P

Ov 10 Pads WON!

FRI 8/27 V.U.P

Rays-1.5 WON!

THURS 8/26 V.U.P

NYY-110 WON!

WED 8/25 V.U.P

Halos lost

TUE 8/24 V.U.P

O 10.5 Twins WON!

MON 8/23 V.U.P

O8.5 A'S-lost

SUN 8/22 V.U.P


SAT 8/21 V.U.P



Redsox-1.5 lost

FRI 8/20 V.U.P

LAD-1.5 RUNS lost

FRI 8/20 V.U.P


THURS 8/19 V.U.P

NYY-1.5 WON!

WED 8/18 V.U.P


TUE 8/17 V.U.P


MON 8/16 V.U.P


SUN 8/15 V.U.P

A'S-1.5 runs LOST!

SAT 8/14 V.U.P


FRI 8/13 V.U.P

(nfl)CARDS-120 WON!

THUR 8/12 V.U.P


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