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Consensus Report buried vegas for entire 12 months in 2023 and already has taken vegas by storm for 2024 with the addition of 3 new champion handicappers for a total of 9 champion handicappers. Get your 30 days Daily Consensus Report activated now FOR JUST $4.95 and start winning with the Champions.

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94-14 LAST 108 FOR 90.1%

Next MegaPlay is ready now.

Sat Apr 20th $500 MegaPlay

Over 10 Sea lost!

Fri Apr 19th $500 MegaPlay

Kings-1 lost!

Thurs Apr 18th $500 MegaPlay

Texas-110 WON!

Wed Apr 17th $500 MegaPlay


Tue Apr 16th $500 MegaPlay


Mon Apr 15th $500 MegaPlay

O 9.5 Astros lost!

Sun Apr 14th $500 MegaPlay

Thunder-19.5 WON!

Sat Apr 13th $500 MegaPlay

Nats-120 WON!

Fri Apr 12th $500 MegaPlay

Heat-14.5 WON!

Thurs Apr 11th $500 MegaPlay

Bulls-11 WON!

 Wed Apr 10th $500 MegaPlay

Under 218 Mavs  WON!

Tue Apr 9th $500 MegaPlay

Over 214 Knicks  WON!

Mon Apr 8th $500 MegaPlay

Angels+125 WON!

Sun Apr 7th $500 MegaPlay

A's+175 WON!

Sat Apr 6th $500 MegaPlay

U 210 Grizz WON!

Fri Apri 5th $500 MegaPlay

Rangers+125 WON!

Thurs Apr 4th $500 MegaPlay

Seton Hall+2  WON!

Wed Apr 3rd $500 MegaPlay

Celtics-12 WON!

Tue Apr 2nd $500 MegaPlay

Cavs-9.5 WON!

Mon Apr 1st $500 MegaPlay

Blazers+16 WON!

Sun Mar 31st $500 MegaPlay

Over 147 Tenn lost

Sat Mar 30th $500 MegaPlay

Magic-13 WON!

Fri Mar 29th $500 MegaPlay

NC State+7 WON!

Thurs Mar 28th $500 MegaPlay

Clemson+7 WON!

Wed Mar 27th $500 MegaPlay


Tue Mar 26th $500 MegaPlay

Thunder-1 WON!

Mon Mar 25th $500 MegaPlay

Over 225 Celtics WON!

Sun Mar 24th $500 MegaPlay WON Heat-4!

Sat Mar 23rd $500 MegaPlay lost Wiz-6!

Fri Mar 22nd $500 MegaPlay lost Clips-12!

Thurs Mar 21st $500MegaPlay WON Rox-3!

WedMar20th $500MegaPlay WONWarrs-11!

TueMar19th $500 MegaPlay WON Hou-9.5!

Mon Mar 18th $500 MegaPlay WON LAL-9!

Sun Mar 17th $500MegaPlay WON UAB-7!

Sat Mar 16th $500 MegaPlay WON W. Ky-4!

FriMar15th $500MegaPlay WON O224 Atl!

ThurMar14th $500MegaPlayWONOH ST-2!

WedMar13th $500MegaPlay WON Xav-2!

TueMar12th $500 MegaPlay WON NC St-8!

Mar11th $500 MegaPlay $500 WON Gonz-9!

Mar10th $500 MegaPlay WONPhils+155!

Sat Mar 9th $500 MegaPlay WON Spurs+11!

Fri Mar 8th $500 MegaPlay WON Mets+135!

Mar 7th $500 MegaPlay WON Mavs-1!

Mar 6th $500 MegaPlay WONTB+175!

Mar 5th $500 MegaPlay WON Ov 246 Ind!

Mon Mar 4th $500 MegaPlay WON Mil-6!

SunMar 3rd $500 MegaPlay WON Bos-10!

Mar 2nd $500 MegaPlay lost Ov171 TN!

FriMar 1st $500 MegaPlay WON Mil-4!

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