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Just $4.95 per 30 Days

The DailyProfitTeam Report is a resource that has revolutionized the Sports Win Industry according to Directors and Owners of Sportsbooks worldwide. This Daily Consensus Report is comprised of 9 separate Award Winning Champion Contest Handicapping Firms that each release their one and only Consensus Play per day. Vegas and Offshores have begged us to discontinue this Daily Consensus Report due to the amount of winning it produces for players. Daily ProfitTeam said NO WAY and in fact we have upped the ante by discounting the normal thousands per week and instead discounted it all the way down to just .17 pennies per day so that every player everywhere can enroll and win. In the past this Daily Consenus Report sold for thousands each week on a private basis, however through this very special time allowance you are able to enroll for just $4.95 per 30 Days and that tiny $4.95 price per 30 days stays on through life of your account.

The initial billing is just $4.95 for first 30 days and then is rebilled still at the low discount price of just $4.95 every 30 days. This special billing price is a lifetime discount on your account unless canceled by you.

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