Friday, February, 15, 2019
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Fri Jan 25th Millionaire Play

Nuggets-14 WON!

Thurs Jan 23rd Millionaire Play

Santa Clara+21 lost

Wed Jan 24th Millionaire Play

Under 219 Magic lost

Tue Jan 23rd Millionaire Play

Under 231 Suns WON

Mon Jan 22nd Millionaire Play

Rockets+3.5 lost

Sun Jan 20th Millionaire Play

Under 219 Suns lost

Sat Jan 19th Millionaire Play


Fri Jan 18th Millionaire Play

Under 227 Spurs lost

Thurs Jan 17th Millionaire Play

Gonzaga-24 lost

Wed Jan 16th Millionaire Play

Over 207 Pistons WON

Tue Jan 15th Millionaire Play

Bucks-9 WON

Mon Jan 14th Millionaire Play

FSU-4.5 lost

Sun Jan 13th Millionaire Play

Rockets-6 lost

Sat Jan 12th Millionaire Play

Gonzaga-9.5 WON!

Fri Jan 11th Millionaire Play Report

Over 233 Hawks WON!

Thurs Jan 10th Millionaire Play Report

Florida Atlantic+7 WON!

Wed Jan 9th Millionaire Play Report

Kansas-5.5 WON!

Tue Jan 8th Millionaire Play Report


Mon Jan 7th Millionaire Play Report

Mavericks-8 lost

Sun Jan 6th Millionaire Play Report

Over 227 Thunder lost

Sat Jan 5th Millionaire Play Report

Ucla-14.5 WON!

Fri Jan 4th Millionaire Play Report

Over 213 Magic WON!

Thurs Jan 3rd Millionaire Play

Over 162 Wisconsin GB WON!

Wed Jan 2nd Millionaire Play Report

Wizards-7 WON!

Tue Jan 1st Millionaire Play Report

Under 234 Clippers WON!

Mon Dec 31st Millionaire Play Report

Over 228 Warriors WON!

Sun Dec 30th Millionaire Play Report

Redskins+7 lost

Sat Dec 29th Millionaire Play Report

Rockets-3 WON!

Fri Dec 28th Millionaire Play Report

Timberwolves-9 lost

Thurs Dec 27th Millionaire Play Report

Rockets+2 WON!

Wed Dec 26th Millionaire Play Report

Spurs-3.5 WON!

Tue Dec 25th Millionaire Play Report

Tcu-11.5 WON!

Mon Dec 24th Millionaire Play Report


Sun Dec 23rd Millionaire Play Report

Colts-10 lost

Sat Dec 22nd Millionaire Play Report

Titans-9.5 lost

Fri Dec 21st Millionaire Play Report

Raptors-12 WON!

Thurs Dec 20th Millionaire Play Report

Under 148 Duke WON!

Wed Dec 19th Millionaire Play Report

Over 228 Knicks WON!

Tue Dec 18th Millionaire Play Report

Kansas-22 WON!

Mon Dec 17th Millionaire Play Report

Under 51 Saints WON!

Sun Dec 16th Millionaire Play Report

Titans+2 WON!

Sat Dec 15th Millionaire Play Report

Jazz-5.5 lost

Fri Dec 14th Millionaire Play Report

Under 219.5 Pacers WON!

Thurs Dec 13th Millionaire Play Report

Over 225 Lakers WON!

Wed Dec 12th Millionaire Play Report

Over 221 Nets WON!

Tue Dec 11th Millionaire Play Report

Villanova-8 lost

Mon Dec 10th Millionaire Play Report

Over 229 Warriors lost

Sun Dec 9th Millionaire Play Report

Over 47 Panthers lost

Sat Dec 8th Millionaire Play Report

Arkansas-9.5 lost

Fri Dec 7th Millionaire Play Report

Over 221.5 lost

Thurs Dec 6th Millionaire Play Report

Blazers-12.5 WON!

Wed Dec 5th Millionaire Play Report

Over 220.5 Nets WON!

Tue Dec 4th Millionaire Play Report

Colorado-12 WON!

Mon Dec 3rd Millionaire Play Report

Warriors-10 WON!

Sun Dec 2nd Millionaire Play Report

Texans-6  WON!

Sat Dec 1st Millionaire Play Report

Over 70 C. Florida WON!

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