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"Where it's your time to win!"

Attention players.....

I would like to welcome you to "SPORTS-WATCH"...... a streamline option for ALL sports enthusiast that are looking for a personal and professional relationship with their handicapping service. My name is Michael Cantone and I have been involved in professional sports handicapper for over 30 years. I first made my mark as a professional handicapper back when sports capping was a "private" matter and a closely guarded secret. It was my introduction to on-line handicapping from a long time colleague that sparked my interest in this new technology and uprising trend. It was also this new trend in sports handicapping that has led me to you and the inspiration behind "SPORTS-WATCH". Over the past 30 years I have worked with some of the top private and on-line handicapping services alike ...... but it is my professional expertise and recent frustration with the direction on-line handicapping companies have taken that has lead me to break away from this trend and get back to the basics....which is simply "PICKING WINNERS"!

I have always asked myself and my colleagues..."what do players want" and the answer is simple...they want to win. It seems that the new trend in on-line handicapping is what I personally call the B.B.D....... or the "BIGGER-BETTER-DEAL", Hey, If Trump and Biden can have a slogan then why can't I and mine is BIGGER-BETTER-DEAL. Players want reliability and professional courtesy...not a chinese menu of exotic plays to choose from that eventually gets so confusing a player ultimately has no true idea of what they are purchasing. At "SPORTSWATCH" we have streamlined this trend in on-line handicapping and gotten back to the basics and added the "personal" touch that so many of these top companies are lacking. It seems that the executives are only concerned with "upgrades" and year-long memberships then actually producing winners and profits for their members. This is where my frustration lies and I found out that I was not alone in my opinion concerning this.

With 30 plus years in this industry, I have made and secured important and influential contacts in all aspects of sports and sports handicapping alike. It was many a discussion over this B.B.D. trend that sparked the concept and development of "SPORTSWATCH". Even the name "SPORTSWATCH" was a clever play on words over this joint opinion..... the idea that we we are tired of watching our profession be saturated by internet tweeters, grammers, snapchatters, texters, etc and the fact that it was "time to make a change".... and that is exactly what a sports watch does.... marks exact changes in time.

Several of my colleagues and I have broken away from the norm and are making our services available to the public direct. We have gone back to the basics and are offering our strongest daily pick for NFL/NCAA football.... NBA/NCAA BB and MLB at 15 and 30 day memberships only. We have done away with the B.B.D. season and yearly upgrades that so many on-line handicapping services push and too many players have been stuck with..... empty promises and empty pockets after these so-called "winning services" fell off their "guaranteed" percentage win records. At "SPORTSWATCH" our concept is simple..... when we win for you.... you renew your 15 or 30 day membership. If our services do not meet your expectations or win percentage approval.... there is no obligation to renew or continue to use our service. At "SPORTSWATCH"..... we are expected to produce winners to keep your business...... you are not expected to keep our business without us producing winners.

The collective experience in sports handicapping with the current professionals associated with "SPORTSWATCH" is approximately 85+ years combined. Due to certain confidentiality clauses, we are legally unable to mention specific names of handicapping services we have worked with in the past...but we can mention that all of our resources and contacts have gone with us and are available to you through "SPORTSWATCH". Our combined overall average percentage is currently a documented 81% .... with projections of reaching upwards of 86%-91% overall wins in 2020 through this new service know as the "MONEYTIME" report. SPORTS-WATCH is officially monitored and our weekly results documented.

"SPORTSWATCH" has broken down its service in a simple format for you the player to follow. Our "daily play" service has only 1 name..... known as the "MONEYTIME" play of the day. The "MONEYTIME" play is "SPORTS-WATCH'S collective majority daily play.... available for each sport and is determined to be the strongest play with the strongest odds of winning. Our team of analysts research hundreds of handicapping sites as well as pick apart our own private resources to determine what the collective and "STRONGEST" play of the day to be. It is handicapping streamlined to its core. This plays is then labeled the "SPORTS WATCH - MONEYTIME" play of the day and released to our members accordingly. Plays are available via log-in service through DPT or emailed direct to our members no later then 5pm et U.S. Our strict 15 or 30 day memberships are available with "no obligation" to renew.... but we always anticipate renewals after the winning month of service our regular members have grown accustomed to receiving. This same service..... normally priced at $15,000 per 30 days by former business relationships we are legally unable to mention.... is now available at a fraction of this cost.... as we are bringing the price for our top picks down to earth to coincide with "SPORTSWATCH" 's streamline direction. We are offering a 15 day membership for only $2250 and a 30 day membership for just $3500 complete. This price will never change on your account, nor will our promise to supply you with the best picks available through 85 years of combined experience and our collective unequaled resources. It is our goal at "SPORTSWATCH" to develop "long-term" and profitable relationships with our clients..... with class and a personal touch. "SPORTSWATCH" main mission statement is to service your individual needs better with winners and customer service. SPORTS-WATCH is interested in you as a player....not a paycheck and appreciate your time in reading this as well as the opportunity to "win for you"!

15 days of any single "MONEYTIME" service: $2250

30 days of any single "MONEYTIME" service: $3500

SPORTS-WATCH--  "It's Your Time to WIN!!!!"
Michael Cantone...... Professional handicapper and analyst

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