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Welcome to the Tran Nguyen Football Insider Club Program.

Are You Serious About Winning At Sports? The Football Insider Program has not had a losing season in the last 19 years of Football and yet to have a losing client, EVER! We know you have many different types of handicappers and/or handicapping services to choose from to help you win against the spread so we will make one statement to you: The Tran Nguyen Football Insider Club Program is going to HELP YOU to STOP LOSING and START WINNING! The real question is this: Have you made money with sports or lost money with sports? If your answer is "It costs me money", "I don't know", or "It could be making me more" then you've come to the right place at the right time. Again, we fully understand that even on this worldwide handicapping website there are several different champion handicappers to choose from and many are very good, but after your first day with us you will agree that the Tran Nguyen Football Insider Club not only does what it says and wins, but is also an important resource for you in sports. We promise you that you will find no other company or handicapper that comes close to the quality of information and level of winning delivered to you each day by The Football Insider Club Program.

My Name is Tran Nguyen
(Former Senior Founder Member of Hong Kong Jockey Club) and my only goal is to protect the integrity of my Personal advanced formula program of winning against Vegas and at the same time allow players to utilize it to make money consistently day in and day out in sports. The Program Formula will show and guide you on the two most important aspects in sports which are discipline and money management. You have heard that a million times, but it is the truth. Stay even keeled throughout the day, week, month, season is 80% of the key to success. The other 20% is winners. I will provide both to you with your membership starting from day one. There isn't another handicapper or company on this website or on the internet that has access to my plays so if they tell you they do, they are lying which has been done in the past. You will receive a direct email from the desk of Tran Nguyen signed by me. You will work one on one with me. I have had sportsbooks onshore and offshore try to pay me off to go away and stop sharing the winning formula, but let's just say I have a deep passion inside me that produces a burning desire to help every player get to the next level and station in life due to some personal experiences that happened to me and my family decades ago. You will not find a more dedicated, honest, straight shooter human being on the internet in the sports industry than me. PLUS, I WIN! DailyProfitTeam originally had my membership locked in at $9,999 for 30 days and that just didn't feel right in my gut and soul. Sure high rollers can easily afford 5 times that price, but how will that be affordable and help out the every day $50 to $100 player-IT WON'T! I gave DailyProfitTema an ultimatum to make the 30 day membership $599 for NFL and $599 for NCAAF or I walk. They agreed to do it my way because they know I am man of honor. I gave DailyProfitTeam my signature that I will be exclusive to their website for the through 2028 which is great for them and you. I also made them agree to a slight price break when you do the combined NFL & NCAAF 30 day package for just $899. That is the best value. See, there is the honest truth flowing out of me and explaining how things worked behind the scenes. That is the only way I know to live, honesty whether it is good, bad or in between. Same goes for wins and losses reported. Enroll for the combined NFL/NCAAF package at the $899 price discount and let me get you started on the best season of your career. You will never pull another dollar out of your pocket. The following month's enrollemnt will be financed by the Vegas  with all the winnings generated from the Tran Nguyen Football Insider Club Program. I would love to get started with you today. Activate your 30 day account and I will personally email you the Insider MLB plays til Preseason Football starts. There  is about 3-5 MLB Insider Plays a week so don't get too excited. There is one strong MLB Insider Play lined up for today that will get you started on the pathway to winning now.

One more thing (important): If you are looking to have plays every day then this service isn't for you. There will be days when there is no play especially on a Monday night football game or a Tuesday night College Football game where Vegas pigeon holes you into playing only one matchup with a baited trap line. I practice strict discipline and only partake in profitable games with a definite edge. Those who want to be involved every day on every game are only pressing their luck and will be lucky to grind out with the juice. Here with me, there won't be any risks, chances or luck. There are several thousand games played every season, that's an abundance of opportunities for you to skyrocket your bankroll with The Tran Nguyen Football Insider Club Program. I offer sms messaging alerts to your cell phone at no extra charge identified as Tran Nguyen Insider on cell message. All Insider Plays are released with a 4 hour time window in advance of start time. Looking forward to meeting and winning with you!

Yours in Winning,
Tran Nguyen


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